Fundamentals for Injury Prevention Practitioners

Welcome to the Fundamentals for Injury Prevention Practitioners online learning. Through 5 self-directed modules, this training will orient you to principles, theories, evidence, and methods in injury prevention. Each module is accompanied by additional resources and tools to assist your continued learning. A downloadable Injury Prevention Resource Guide can be found at the bottom of this webpage.

Content and Learning Objectives

For an overview of the content and learning objectives for each module, view the fact sheet


Injury prevention practitioners in Ontario, or anyone interested in the field of injury prevention.

These modules provide a foundation for new practitioners or a refresher for those experienced in the field of injury prevention.

Testing and Certificate of Completion

After completing the five training modules below, assess your comprehension of the content by completing our online test. Successfully passing the test will give you the option to download a Certificate of Completion.


Learning Modules

Module 1: Introduction to Injury Prevention

(Running time 13:00)

Module content based on the Canadian Injury Prevention Curriculum written by the Canadian Collaborating Centres on Injury Prevention

Download the Module 1 content as a pdf
Module 1 References

Learning Tools

About Haddon's Matrix
Haddon Matrix Worksheet

Related Resources

The Cost of Injury in Canada (Parachute)
Canadian Injury Prevention Resource (Parachute)


Module 2: Common Types of Injuries and their Risk Factors

(Running time 20:30)

Download the Module 2 content as a pdf
Module 2 References

Related Resources

Ontario Injury Data Report (OIPRC)
Ontario Regional Injury Data Report (OIPRC)
Falls Across the Lifespan: Evidence-Based Synthesis (OIPRC)
World Report on Road Traffic Injury Prevention and Fact Sheet (WHO)
Changing the Culture of Youth Sports (Safe Kids Worldwide)
World Report on Violence and Health and Implementation Guide (WHO)
Global Status Report on Violence Prevention 2014 (WHO)
Canadian Injury Prevention Resource (Parachute)


Module 3: Injury Prevention Strategies

(Running time 15:00)

Download the Module 3 content as a pdf
Module 3 References

Related Resources

Evidence-Informed Practice Recommendations (OIPRC)
Road Safety Campaigns: What the Research Tells Us (TIRF)
Child Safety Good Practice Guide: Good investments in unintentional child injury prevention and safety promotion – Canadian Edition (Safe Kids Canada)
Canadian Injury Prevention Resource (Parachute)


Module 4: Social Determinants of Health and Injury

(Running time 23:30)

Download the Module 4 content as a pdf
Module 4 References

Related Resources

The Social Determinants of Injury (Atlantic Collaborative on Injury Prevention)
Canadian Injury Prevention Resource (Parachute)
Health Equity Mapping Checklist (Sudbury & District Health Unit)
Health Equity Checklist Reference Document
ational Collaborating Centre for Determinants of Health Resource Library


Module 5: Landscape of Injury Prevention in Ontario

(Running time 14:00)

Download the Module 5 content as a pdf
Download the map of Injury Prevention in Ontario (pdf)

Learning Tools

Acronyms and Abbreviations: A Reference List for Injury Prevention

Related Resources

Ontario Public Health Standards: Prevention of Injury and Substance Misuse (Ministry of Health & Long-Term Care)
Trauma Distinction (Accreditation Canada)

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Resource Guide

This downloadable guide highlights key injury prevention resources, including publications, websites, and surveillance databases. This guide will help you start to explore resources available in the field.

Injury Prevention Resource Guide.






See also the Canadian Injury Prevention Resource, Canada's first textbook for the field of Injury Prevention.

Canadian Injury Prevention Resource.







Contact Information

Questions about these modules can be directed to Claude Meurehg,


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